Faisal al Bisher, an accomplished and imaginative photographer, was born in Kuwait. He attended the University of Washington State University, graduating with a degree in Business Administration. He is presently managing his family conglomerate business. Realizing that the cut throat business industry was not he dwelled into the unlimited world of photography for inspiration.

Throughout his life, Faisal traveled to different countries, meeting new people each day, developing a strong sense of insight, fashion, culture and a heightened intuition about the human psyche and soul. Faisal came to the realization that photography was the best medium to fulfill his artistic expression. He enrolled in several training programs and positions where he nourished the influence of his father’s photographic ability. Finding inspiration from his parents, he discovered that digital and fashion photography is where his passion lies, His work could be described as upbeat, creative and edgy. He lets his imagination and eyes dictate his unique concepts.

Faisal’s work has been recognized by winning several International photography awards. He is both an instructor and a board member in the Kuwait Science Club. In addition, Faisal has been invited to judge in several photography competitions. His multi work has been displayed in several exhibitions.

His portfolio includes covers and interior pages of International magazines, celebrities, Tv Ads, restaurants, clinics, fashion designers, non profit organizations, investment companies, banks, and governmental projects. He aspires to one day be one of the best Middle Eastern photographers and is eager to share with you all his passion in Photography.

Faisal’s Statement

“ I love people, nature, beauty and light. My pictures are my way of connecting with my creativity, imagination, object and viewers. I want people to experience my passion and what I feel during the process of creating such images and allow them to see the subject’s essence and spirit. ”